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Vasileios Papageorgiou 

Psychological therapist - PsyD

Qualified psychologist, counselor, and psychotherapist based in Germany. With years of experience in mental health, he intends to specialize in treating complex developmental trauma. Vasileios is fluent in English, German, and Greek and now offers online therapy. Contact him today to learn how he can help you.

Psychological counseling/psychotherapy

In the context Trauma informed therapy of complex trauma, NARM proposes that individuals may develop survival strategies leading to chronic dissociation, numbing, or hyperarousal patterns. These patterns can interfere with the individual's ability to connect with others and themselves, leading to feelings of shame and disconnection. In combination with person-centered psychotherapy, which emphasizes empathic understanding and unconditional positive regard, and mindfulness, which cultivates present-moment awareness and non-judgmental acceptance, NARM can facilitate the integration of past trauma into the present moment. Relaxation training can also help individuals regulate their nervous system and increase their tolerance for affective experiences. By raising awareness and self-regulation, individuals can learn to identify and work with their emotional and physical experiences rather than being overwhelmed. 


Overall, the NARM approach provides a comprehensive framework for working with developmental trauma that emphasizes the importance of regulating effect and re-building interpersonal connections. By combining person-centered psychotherapy, mindfulness coaching, and relaxation training, individuals can develop the skills to integrate past trauma into their lives and move towards a more fulfilling future. 

45 Minute Meeting

Vasileios Papageorgiou
Psychological therapist - PsyD

Book a 45-minute meeting with Vasileios Papageorgiou and discover how he can help you work through developmental trauma using the Neuro-Affective Relational Model (NARM). Developed by Dr. Laurence Heller, NARM addresses the impact of trauma on the mind and body, focusing on affect regulation and interpersonal relationships. Vasileios also offers client-centered psychological counseling according to Rogers, person-centered psychotherapy, mindfulness coaching, and relaxation training to help individuals integrate past trauma into their lives. By developing self-regulation and building interpersonal connections, Vasileios can help you move towards a more fulfilling future. Don't hesitate, book your meeting today.

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